What To Talk About With Girl To Build Rapport?

What To Talk About With Girl To Build Rapport?

I am often ask by men, “what to talk about with girls?”.

Well the answer is quite simple really. Talk about – HER!

Just remember to always keep the conversation light and funny, and never get too serious about anything unless she does.

Good things to talk about would be what is on her mind at the time. Such as, gossip you know about mutual friends, funny stories or experiences she or you have encountered and other interesting and engaging topics.

Once you finish talking about fluff and nothing that would build an emotional response to you for a while to warm her up. You need to build rapport.

How do you build rapport?

Well I like this quote the most to explain this concept:

“it’s you and me baby, alone, in this mad mad world”?

What do I mean by that…?

Most of the studies prove that lovers are drawn to partners with similar attitudes, values, interests and outlooks on life. In our world, we constantly want to find the right “one” to partner up with.

How do you do this?

Well if you can demonstrate to her that you understand her core values, her ideology and the way she thinks about her world, then you will be just like her. Because, after all wouldn’t you feel the same about someone who has come to the same conclusion about the world?

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I’m sure you would feel a sense of relief and closeness.

You will be much more connected. When people create a little cocoon around themselves and that special person who believe that “it’s you and me baby, alone, in this mad mad world”, it provides them with a person who they can live together and face the challenges brought on by the chaotic universe. They can spend their nights alone together intertwined.

So to answer the question “what to talk about with women”, you need to talk about interesting things about her that make her feel like you understand her and belong to her reality. She will also be in your reality and you can both face anything together. That is a real sense of closeness and connection and this is what most people look for.

Oh by the way, we have made a list of the top things NOT say talk about when you are engaging in “fluff” talk with women:

  • Do not talk about anything negative in terms of your personal, family, work or money problems
  • Do not talk or act if you are desperate or too keen
  • Do not be overly sensitive or negative
  • Do not be too emotional!
  • Do not try and analyze her problems
  • Do not bitch about previous girlfriends or past negative experiences in relationships
  • Do not talk about your health problems or other ailments
  • And also, please avoid at all costs, POLITICS, RELIGION and CONSPIRACY THEORIES.
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