Quick Tips for harvesting and storage Carrots

Quick Tips for harvesting and storage Carrots

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Carrot is a good source of vitamin A and some can reach as long as 5.14 metersâ? ?? which is 16 feet. First grown as medicine in ancient times, the core was actually the first type of vegetables that has been canned or commercial purposes. As part of a diet healthy, one must know the best time to harvest carrots and shops to ensure that products are fresh and healthy.

Why Plant Carrots

If you have your own backyard, it is better to use it for your own benefit. As consumers, we do not always know if the product we buy is grown organically. Many writers use pesticides and chemical insecticides for ensure that they reduce the risk of infestation of plants. That is why we see the core looks good on the market. However, people do not know that these chemicals have adverse effects on the body. The Planting your own carrots will do you good because you are sure you know how it is managed, this type of fertilizer used, and if pesticides are used to eliminate parasites.

Harvesting Carrots

The wonderful thing about carrots is that it can be harvested at any time as long as it has matured. Generally, you need the carrot crop when it is already about half an inch in diameter. Generally, you can expect to harvest about 80 days after you have planted your carrots. This is only about three months. You need to harvest carrots at that time because if you let them mature, they will be less tasty and the core or central part will be harder.

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Another trick is to avoid the hot weather crop, if you do this, the cores were more likely to disintegrate. You should also keep in mind that after the harvest, you must remove the leaves form the cores. The leaves suck moisture from your carrots, leave them connected.

Storage Carrots

There is a big problem between the washing and not washing carrots after harvest and storage. The general advice is common sense to wash carrots because it will be much harder to clean carrots unwashed after if left for an extended period of time. Another general rule is to wash the carrots with a solution of 100 ppm of chlorine. This will eliminate the rot and bacteria which can then grow in freshly harvested carrots.

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Do not mix the carrots rotting or decomposition with new batteries, like tomatoes, bacteria will be transferred to others and infect fresh carrots. damaged carrots should used or consumed immediately. Before storage, cut the carrots tips to avoid wilting. You also need to cool the cores immediately after harvest to prevent rotting and wilting.

Do not store carrots with fruits because the core of developing a bitter taste. To maximize storage capacity, you need to store the product at a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Internal Storage Carrots

Studies have shown that carrots can

at least several months in the refrigerator if stored right. To do this, you must align the crisper with insulation nontoxic. Ask a row of carrots on top of the seal and lid on this line of carrot with another layer of insulating material. He then line with another row of carrots until you’re done. The top layer should be covered with the same material. Make sure the refrigerator temperature will not reach the freezing point. To do this you must set the temperature between 32-40 degrees Fahrenheit. All above 42 degrees carrots will rot, because it’s too hot.

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