Some Great Online Dating Tips For Men To Get Results

Some Great Online Dating Tips For Men To Get Results

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So what are some good online dating tips?

Well this may not seem like a good dating tip, but this is by far the best of the online dating tips I have been given and it will teach you how to impress a girl

Now there are a lot of online dating sites around.

Including Adult Friend Finder, SexSearch,, American Singles, Facebook, Yahoo Personels, Myspace, Property and more!

What’s the best online dating site

However the best places to go online should be FACEBOOK by far?

Why is that?

Well simple, FACEBOOK has the fewest restrictions on the way you want to present your profile. Because of this it gives you a lot of breathing space. Also the fact that FACEBOOK is not an actual dating site but is instead an online social networking site in itself makes it far more easier to meet up, because you are not coming across from the “dating” box.

Another thing is, most real dating sites, are there for that purpose. Thus, women will get so many emails from desperate men sending them correspondence all the time, and this seems to turn off women. The very notion of being on a dating site and contacting and meeting women through at avenue makes it harder for men to succeed due to the negative perception and social taboo relating to meeting people off the internet, especially for the sole purposes of getting in a relationship!

There is also a problem with adult dating sites. When you first sign on as a free or introductory priced member, you get dozens of emails from women telling you all the time they want to have sex with you. However, as soon as you pay for the premium membership and become a real member, suddenly you do not get any of these emails at all! As you can probably tell by now, most women are not that keen to have sex with you. It is the site creators who pay some girls a fee for them to dress skimpy and send interesting messages to you so that you will be tempted to sign up so that you can contact them.

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One more reason why the best place to meet women on social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace is that these women are actually real people. I don’t think I have seen too many girls or women on Facebook or Myspace that go through the effort of creating a whole website dedicated to a fake person, then update it constantly and comment on each other’s profile’s and walls. That’s right! They engage in conversations with their peers on their networks! Thus, the chances of having a fake profile is much more remote and unlikely.

So it’s simple. The best places to meet women online are NOT dating sites. They are NOT sex partner searching sites, but they are actually sites where normal people visit and participate in a community! That’s why Facebook and Myspace are the best!

Online dating success – what you need to know

I think the most important thing to get online success starts with yourself. I know this may sound a bit cheesy and stupid, but there are so many negative people out there who seem to believe that online dating is for losers. That’s why a lot of men are afraid to admit that they are online and looking for women that way. So once they receive a few rejections they think to themselves “well, since I can’t even pick up girls online I must be a loser and this stuff doesn’t work”.

Well my friend, I am here telling you that is not the case at all.

There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about online dating.

Because, the best thing about online dating that beats any pickup attempt elsewhere is this – women on the online dating sites are actively looking for men also.

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This means you are going to a hungry market looking for potential buyers! These women want men to approach them!

So if that attractive girl you are checking out online is not afraid to look silly in front of her friends, then why are you worry about it so much?

The most powerful online dating tip

If you want to experience real success online, you need to treat it as if you are serious about it. That means you need to spend some time learn about how to succeed with online dating. It’s not that hard, it’s just a bit new, and requires a bit more patience than you might think. Also, don’t be ashamed of what you are doing because there is nothing to be ashamed about!

You need to remember you need to be active in the online dating world to succeed, so consider these aspects:

  • Profile – create a very sexy profile that is attractive to women and is girl friendly.
  • Display picture – make sure you have a very engaging display pic geared for attracting women
  • Proper Online Dating Skills – learn how to message women in a way that does not scare her away
  • Learn Electronic Seduction – start learning how to use electronic mediums such as the phone and MSN to build rapport
  • Seduction – date them and seduce them!

Online dating profile tips

So you’re online looking for online dating tips for men to stand out from the rest of the chumps?

Well let me tell you my friend, did you know that you are in control of one of the most important factors that determines whether or not you will receive online dating success?

Do you know what I am talking about?

It’s probably the most crucial element to ensuring that you will get a great response rate from women – or even get random girls messaging you.

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So what is this secret ninja online dating tip that I am talking about.

Well, it’s not all that special really, but it has something to do you – YOUR ONLINE DATING PROFILE!

If you think about it, what is the first thing you look at before you decide to message a woman online?

Yup that’s right, you would have checked out her profile.

Guess what?

Women do the same thing to you too!

That is why it is very worth your while to craft a very original and outstanding online profile that draws the attention of women.

How to improve your profile

Make sure your profile shows women that you are an alpha male. What I mean is that if you in any way come across in your profile as being either:

  • a needy guy – asking or begging to be friends with random women.
  • insecure about yourself – not putting up a real photo of yourself or editing your photos a lot.
  • emotionally unstable – bitching about other people (especially past girlfriends).
  • a loser – standing in front of your car with sun glasses trying to look tough.
  • a tryhard – staring in the camera without smiling with your shirt off.

You are seriously killing your chances with women!

Keep in mind that your profile is the only thing that women are going to see before she decides whether or not she wants to contact or respond to you. That is your very first impression, so be sure to make it a fantastic one! Visit Web for more information!

Remember, it’s not about your descriptions of yourself, it has to do with the WHOLE THING, such as the theme of your dating profile, your profile pictures and the “vibe” you give. You want to come across as being a friendly and funny person who is confident about yourself. So please avoid the things mentioned at all costs.