Tinder Plus Will Revolutionize Dating Again With ‘Undo-Swipe’ Button

Tinder Plus Will Revolutionize Dating Again With ‘Undo-Swipe’ Button

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Ladies and gentlemen, Tinder Plus is about to rock your world by allowing you to undo accidental left-swipes. That’s right, the hottie you accidentally sent away forever can be retrieved with the forthcoming update.

For $6.99 per month Tinder users will soon be able to rectify mistakes that caused tears and late-night status updates about the one that got away. No longer will you damn the app that stole your future spouse over an accidental ‘X’ swipe.

Other Tinder members won’t be able to see that this power is in your hands, so no one will know about your addiction to the app and the fact that you’re paying money to use it.

I think this additional control is a great move for the company that hooks strangers up. It will surely make the user feel more comfortable when casually swiping. It https://www.w88betz.com also gives Tinder a great way to monetize their product while giving us a tool that we will actually use and enjoy.

There will be other features added for the monthly fee but they have not been announced yet. I’m hoping for a button that will get rid of users that don’t like animals. Seriously, those people must be evil.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for an in-app notification of the paid update. It is expected to be released in March.

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