The Different Types Of Men On Dating Apps

The Different Types Of Men On Dating Apps

These guys are a dime a dozen. You’ll see them all over the dating apps and recognize them easily. If you learn nothing else from their profile, at least you know they aren’t that original.

1. No Filter

This guy is straight to the point, no small talk. I guess his awesome personality hasn’t been too successful and he is over wasting time. “That’s so hot, right?” said no girl, ever. Bye, Felipe.

2. Forum Troll

This guy took to a bodybuilding forum to ask if his “aesthetics were enough” to bag 7/10 and above Tinder chicks, since he heard the cute “sloots” are super picky. Honey, your looks are not the problem; it is literally everything else.

3. Carcasses Are Not Attractive

This is an automatic no. Your hunting and fishing photos gross women out.

4. The Gun Show

I’d like to return my tickets, please.

5. Those Earrings

I only matched with you so I could instruct you to change your settings because you are obviously not looking for women.

6. Puppies Photos Are Cheating

To spark my interest with a photo of an adorable dog is simply not fair.

7. Cat Man

… Or a cat, for that matter.

8. Ex-Girlfriend

Well, this is awkward.

9. Ladies Man

Oh, you hang out with girls. That must mean you’re a good guy!

10. The Musician

In this particular case, he’s a poet too. Perspiration engulfing his luscious locks just doesn’t sound very appealing.

11. Mr. Fascinating

This guy leads an interesting life and many women would call him a dreamboat. Take this as a warning sign. Keep in mind, ladies — he knows exactly how special he is and he will take full advantage of it. You’ll have a very hard time winning the heart of this Situs Judi Slot.

12. Instagram Artist

Follow this guy to see more of his selfie art. Or, you could just not.

13. Emoji Guy

If you can be summarized by a series of emojis, I feel really bad for you.

14. Gun Nut

In this case he comes with a side of godawful humor.

15. Braggadocious

Brag car, brag kitchen, brag boat – some guys just love to show off. These fellas don’t seem to realize that this attracts exactly the kind of woman that makes them think all women are superficial.