15 Ways Not To Talk To A Woman

15 Ways Not To Talk To A Woman

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There’s all kinds of ways men can be taught to talk to a woman. But have you ever been told what not to do? You’re probably making some of these mistakes when you hit up the bar, but I’m here to help!

1. At her chest

Look, girls stare at each other’s chests too, we get it. You just have to try your hardest to get out of this habit because we always know.

2. With cockiness

If you’re full of yourself, then we won’t be.

3. Don’t insult them

When guys get nervous with flirting, sometimes they poke fun without even realizing it. She’ll realize it, and she’ll hate it.

4. For too long

If you’re out in a social situation like a bar Totobet Singapura, don’t hog her time. Even if she’s interested in you, it also helps sometimes if you play hard to get. You also don’t want to make her feel like she needs to entertain you because you won’t leave her alone.

5. With your boys

Don’t bring your team over to participate in conversation. If one of your drunk buddies comes over to meddle, kick him out.

6. Too much eye contact

Take a break from staring, you’re making her uncomfortable.

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7. While messing with your phone

If you’re entertaining yourself with something else, so will she.

8. With nothing but questions

Don’t interview this woman. If you can’t make conversation, she’s already lost interest.

9. With too much touching

Don’t keeping finding ways to touch her while you’re talking. You’re making her uncomfortable. One or two grazes is okay, but don’t rest your hand on her lower back during your first chat.

10. With rank breath

Please keep that breath on check honey.

11. Talking yourself up

If you can only talk about yourself, she might end up deflating your ego.

12. With too many jokes

It stopped being funny after joke No. 1.

13. Not facing her

If you’re body is not positioned toward this woman, she’s going to think you’re not interested. More often than not, the woman is reading your body language more than you think she is.

14. While you’re smoking

Gross. Even if you both smoke, don’t lead with a cigarette.

15. With touchy subjects

Leave religion, politics, and past relationships out of your conversations for a while.