Dating With Style: Fashion Basics for Men and Women

Dating With Style: Fashion Basics for Men and Women

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A person doesn’t need to break the bank to have a nice basic wardrobe. Tips for dating with style.

Fashion Basics for Men:

  1. “Go To” Jean – need to fit well, not too short in length, dark color preferably
  2. White Dress Shirt- very versatile to go from work to social
  3. Dark Sports Coat – it’s never out of style to look suave, maximize budget
  4. by purchasing a dark suit and use pieces separately
  5. Dress Shoe – hard sole shoes statistically convey authority
  6. Nice Casual Shoe or boot
  7. Sunglasses – need to fit your face and convey personality
  8. Signature Scent – a nonverbal way to draw one in to you
  9. Polo Shirt – collar shirts convey authority and leadership
  10. Metal Watch
  11. Basic T-shirt – a nice t-shirt can look really good under a sport coat

Additional wardrobe staples: wallet that is not worn out or a money clip, flattering swim trunks, colored dress shirt, cashmere sweater, dark trousers. Buy a suit in and use the pieces to stretch your wardrobe options.

Fashion Basics for Women:

  1. “Go To” Jean
  2. Classic Black Heels
  3. Little Black Dress – Navy or Charcoal may look best on some women
  4. Dark Colored Skirt
  5. Feminine Blouse
  6. Statement Piece of Jewelry – great way to show personality
  7. Handbag
  8. Sunglasses – needs to fit your face
  9. Signature Scent
  10. Base and Lip Color appropriate to skin tone
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Additional wardrobe staples: swimsuit and cover up (a maxi dress is a great way to stretch a budget to be worn as cover up or dress), white shirt, black pumps, clutch.