Ways To Give The Perfect Apology To Your Ex After A Bad Breakup

Ways To Give The Perfect Apology To Your Ex After A Bad Breakup

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Apologizing to an ex is not an easy task. Check out these tips to give the perfect apology!

Wait A Month

You should wait at least a month before apologizing so that you have plenty of time to process the breakup.

Apologize From The Heart

If you can’t apologize from the heart, you’re not ready to apologize.

Don’t Apologize Just To Get Him Or Her Back

You shouldn’t have a motive behind your apology.

Don’t Argue

You’re apology won’t mean anything to your ex if you end up arguing.

Apologize For Any Pain You Might Have Caused

If you recognize that you caused your ex pain, you need to apologize for it.

Apologize For The Right Reasons

You need to think about the reasons you’re apologizing to make sure you’re not doing it for selfish reasons.

Stay Calm & Be Patient

Your ex might get angry during your apology. If this happens, stay calm and wait till he or she is no longer angry.

Plan What You Will Say

Your ex will be able to tell that you put a lot of time and thought into your apology if you plan what you will say ahead of time.

Explain What Things You Did Wrong

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Acknowledge that you know you did certain things wrong and explain them.

Don’t Put Any Blame On Him Or Her

Apologize for the things you did wrong, but do not bring up anything you think he or she did wrong.

Express Empathy

Acknowledge that you know how he or she must have felt when you did certain things.

Be Specific

Don’t beat around the bush with a broad apology.

Apologize In Person

If you can get your ex to meet you somewhere in person, you’re apology will be much more sincere.

Make Realistic Promises

You can make promises that you will work on certain issues, but if you want to get back together with your ex, don’t promise there will never be any conflict. That’s a promise you probably won’t be able to keep.

Follow Up With Positive Changes

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