15 Reasons You Should Switch To Girls

15 Reasons You Should Switch To Girls

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Check out these perks to dating girls instead of guys.

Sweet Tooth

Women need chocolate in their lives at some point, and men may not understand how intense the cravings can be. A woman is guaranteed to stock up on your favorite sweets when she knows you’ll want them most.

Wet Towels

Women HATE wet towels being left on the floor or on furniture. With no man in the house, there’s no reason to worry about damp towels ruining any carpet or couch.


No need to force your partner to suffer through a chick-flick marathon, because she’ll want to watch just as much as you do.

Share Clothing

Can’t find anything to wear? You can raid your significant other’s side of the closet when dating a female.

Don’t Have To Compete With Video Games

Most men play video games, and most women don’t. You’ll never have to worry about your partner spending more time playing games than with you, because chances are she won’t be into them.

No Beard Hairs In The Sink

For some reason guys can’t shave without leaving hundreds of beard hairs all over the bathroom. I can guarantee that there will be no beard shavings in the sink if you date a woman.

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No Guy’s Nights

You won’t have to worry about what your honey is doing during guy’s night out, because you’ll be right there with her during girl’s night out.

Toilet Seat Won’t Be Up

You won’t be falling into the toilet late at night anymore.

Spend Less Money On Meaningless Items

Guys like weird things that women don’t understand spending money on, like the latest electronics Indo Bola88. Women generally can agree what’s worth spending big bucks on, and what they can really do without.

Help With Cooking

Some guys enjoy cooking, but most don’t know what they’re doing in the kitchen. Dating a woman means help making dinner because they know you don’t want to do all of the cooking.

Better Listeners

It’s a simple fact that women are better at listening than men are.

Better Cuddling

All women love to cuddle, and dating a female means you’ll never have to worry about your partner being in the mood to spoon.

Better Advice

Women can give better advice to fellow females, because they understand more and can relate to one anther.

Better Kissers

Women are more gentle and softer kissers than men are, and what doesn’t sound good about that?!

Understand Your Emotions

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Sometimes guys don’t understand why women cry or get mad, but your girlfriend will. It’s never fun getting upset and having your partner be indifferent to you, but that’s not something women have to worry about when their significant other understands perfectly.