Things Women Should Do Before Ending a Serious Relationship

Things Women Should Do Before Ending a Serious Relationship

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Ending a serious relationship is a life-changing decision. Here are 15 things a woman should do before ending a serious relationship.

Think In Terms Of The Future

Before you break up a serious relationship, ask yourself if you can see him with you as part of your future.

Ask Yourself These Important Questions:

  1. Can the relationship be saved?
  2. Am I jumping the gun?
  3. Am I going through anything that is putting a strain on my relationship?

Don’t Deliver Your Message In Public

The last thing you want to do is cause a scene. Remember to break off the relationship in private.

Don’t Break His Heart At The Following Time:

Don’t break off the relationship before he needs to go to work, while he is at work, before Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or his birthday. Always pick the best time.

Stay Calm

Don’t get upset and say things you can’t take back. Remember, to stay calm.

A Face to Face Conversation Is Best

When you plan to end a serious relationship, the worst way to end it is by email, text, social media, etc . Prepare yourself to have a face to face conversation, no matter how uncomfortable you will feel.

Don’t Start Dating Someone Else

You are technically still in a relationship, so don’t start looking for someone new UNTIL you break things off first. You really shouldn’t date right away. Instead give yourself time to breathe.

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Don’t Act Suspicious

The worse thing you can do is act like you are creeping on the side or something isn’t right, when you aren’t. If you are ending a relationship because you don’t feel the sparks, or because he has turned into someone you can’t be with, don’t let him think it’s because you found someone else.

Think It Over

Once you end it, you can’t go back and say you were kidding or that you change your mind. That’s a lot for any person to take. You need to take some alone time and think it over before it’s too late.


You don’t want to get emotional during your talk with your partner, so it’s best to let out all your emotions prior to the talk.

Talk It Over

Don’t keep this decision you are making to yourself. Talk to someone you can confide in before taking the plunge to end it.

Take A Kickboxing Class

Remember, a relationship is 50-50. If you are planning to end it, it’s not just his fault; it’s partly yours too. Before you talk to him about ending the relationship, take all the excess anger out first. You can do that by taking a kickboxing class in

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Avoid Angry Discussions

Telling him that you plan to end the relationship, isn’t going to be easy. Especially if you are blindsiding him. The worse thing to do is to tell him it’s over while having an argument.

Stop Having Sex

The worse message you can send is by continuing to sleep with him if you are seriously thinking about breaking off a serious relationship.

Before You Split, Talk To The Kids

If you have kids together, make sure you sit down with them and discuss what is about to happen. You will need to explain things age appropriate.