Top 3 Online Dating Mistakes Guys Make

Top 3 Online Dating Mistakes Guys Make

Here are the top 3 online dating mistakes that guys make when they message an attractive woman online.

  • Bad message 1 – Hi cutie, you’re cute, we should meet up.
  • Bad message 2 – Hello, nice to meet you.
  • Bad message 3 – I’m a really nice guy and I would be glad to meet you.

Fellas, if you ever see yourself typing those kind of messages to a woman, please immediately delete the entire message. What you want to do is make sure you do not come across as just another average frustrated Joe. You have to make yourself different and stand out from the rest of the other 99% of weirdo guys out there.

So how do you do this? You have to convey your awesome personality to her immediately! You don’t want to be the guy who sends boring generic messages that are simply lame. The reason for this is simple, attractive women get messages from online guys all the time and they simply don’t have the time of day to respond to all of the guys that are interested in them.

So how do you avoid these online dating mistakes?

Establish a sexy profile

This is very important. You want to make sure that your online dating profile is very appealling to women before you even attempt to message a hot girl. What IDN Poker Online mean by this is you need an interesting display profile along with girl friendly photos. Think about it this way, would you go clubbing without dressing up? No? Well you shouldn’t go and approach women online without making sure you’re “dressed up” as well. You want to present yourself in the best possible light to give her a great first impression.

Send her a personalized message

Do not use mass messaging tactics unless you are able to personlize each and every one of them. Attractive women get many messages a day, and if you’re just another guy using a template, then she’ll be able to pick up on it and ignore you.

Keep your messages short and funny

You want to let her know that you have a great personality and that you are a confident guy with things going on in y our life. That’s why you don’t want to spend hours crafting a message to her telling her about your life story. If you do, it tells the girl that you have nothing else better to do but to try and pickup women online.

You need a strategy

Most guys try and meet women out there without a plan. That’s just suicidal, and explains why most men fail at online dating. To succeed at anything you need a plan otherwise you’re going to be wondering “how to get a girlfriend” even after implementing the advice you see on sites like mine.